Discovr News - February 15, 2017

The Discovr app for iPhone & iPad is undergoing maintenance right now.
The app is currently undergoing maintenance and is offline while the update is underway. A beta version of the new app is in limited testing. Thanks for your patience while the transition to the new version occurs. 

The new version of the app will be available soon.
The app maintenance is required because the old version was using music data sources that are no longer available (the music companies that provided some music data for Discovr were shutdown or acquired). The app also had a lot of code that was originally written back in 2011, so getting the app into a good new state requires quite a lot of work. That work is in progress right now, so thanks for your patience.

Free update
The new version will be a free update, and you will be able to install it directly from the App Store when it is released. It will appear in your updates section like a normal update. A lot of work has been done to improve the app as much as possible, while still keeping it like the old app that you know and love.

Data Improvements
The new version of the app now makes use of new and additional data sources to maintain and improve the deep & wide music coverage that everyone is accustomed to. The app now covers a lot more artists and especially newer artists that the old app did not support. 

Code Improvements
The app has also undergone some big code changes behind the scenes to keep the app up to date with the latest technology changes from Apple. For the boffins, this means Swift, adaptive UI, and a bunch of new goodies. The main benefit of these changes is that the app is easier to maintain.

Design Improvements
The app interface has also been updated to better adopt the current iOS design patterns and to support all of the various iPhone & iPad device sizes. The design changes have been driven primarily by user feedback, as well as the need for designs that work well across multiple devices. Plus there are some bonuses like the high quality full-size artist images that are now part of the new data. Some screenshots below.

Performance Improvements
The new version is built for iOS 10 only and won't be available for older OS versions. By focusing on the latest Apple operating system I can provide much better app features, improve the app's performance, and have a *lot* less bugs. For those of you who are still on iOS 7 etc I salute you - please come to the latest operating system release from Apple if you want to try out the new version of the app.

Bonus Features
You can now make music maps around songs, as well as artists :) Just search for a song you like and you'll see maps of related songs, based on what other people are listening to. If you have a premium Spotify account, you can also connect your account and stream full length songs in Discovr, plus save any songs you've found in Discovr straight to your Spotify playlists. 

Stay up to date
If you'd like to find out about the beta or receive an email when the new version is available on the App Store then get in touch.
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Screenshots of the new version